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The ethos of Thorburn Wealth Management Limited is to provide individually tailored financial solutions to Personal, Corporate & Business clients. To start this financial planning process we spend a significant amount of time understanding the financial goals and aspirations of all the individuals involved and in addition use the benefit of our experience to identify any issues you may have overlooked or misunderstood.

Everyone's financial needs are different, and we always take the time to fully understand yours.

Comprehensive Financial Planning - The Initial Meeting

We always hold an initial exploratory meeting with potential clients. This is done at our expense and is where we discuss our proposition in greater depth and answer any questions you may have at this stage. We will show you how our financial advice can help you to achieve your goals and the financial future of your dreams.

Providing financial advice is one part of the puzzle, deciding if we can work together is equally important. There is no point in your paying for advice you will never take advantage of if we cannot communicate effectively and on the same wavelength.

Truly Independent Financial Planning

Any long-term relationship is based, amongst other things, upon trust, confidence, respect, loyalty and shared interests. This is why, as a defining part of our methodology and commitment, we genuinely view our relationship with our clients as a shared interest.

This is the cornerstone of the service a truly unbiased financial adviser provides. There are never any conflicts of interest when dealing with us.

We will do so by taking the time and care to discuss these issues and any potential solutions at the pace set by the client, rather than by the adviser.

The Importance of Financial Planning for Individuals

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As experienced financial advisers we understand the dangers of absent or poor financial planning and the affects this has. This is why, in order to achieve the very best result, we go to great lengths to fully understand and regularly revisit the goals of our clients. Only then can we devise and keep relevant the correct planning and investment strategy.

Maintaining Your Financial Health

We maintain and strengthen our relationship with you by holding regular 6 monthly reviews as opposed to annual or less frequent mandatory reviews. We will show you the progress made from an investment and planning perspective and take however much time is required to answer any of your questions or alleviate any concerns you may have.

We will review, at these 6 monthly meetings, both your attitude to and capacity for risk and take into consideration any changes to your circumstances or plans and review your financial plan to ensure these are taken into account.

Any comprehensive wealth management program is going to alter over time, necessitating changes to the underlying investment options. Where alterations are needed, we will fully discuss in advance any revisions which are required and gain your consent before implementing them.

Financial Advisory Services

FInancial Advisory Services - Thorburn Wealth

We are Independent Financial Advisers authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We have access to products, solutions and investment funds from the whole financial marketplace. This allows us to provide you with the best possible options, rather than a restricted product and fund range from a reduced number of providers.

As part of our ongoing review service, we will always be available to discuss matters with clients, after all that is what ongoing adviser charging arrangements cover.

If that discussion leads to additional services being required beyond that specified in the service agreement, additional fees may apply.

If that is the case we will provide you with an engagement letter specifying the costs of these works in advance of their being commissioned for you to consider.

We will not vary the costs for these works once they are agreed.

Unfortunately, not all long-term relationships prosper. If at any time you become dissatisfied with our relationship and we are unable to resolve the issues, please understand that we will not place any barriers or levy any charges upon your leaving.

Personal Financial Planning Advice - We will offer advice in the following areas:

  • Personal Protection
  • Savings & Investment Planning
  • Pre & Post Retirement Planning / Saving for Retirement, Annuity & Retirement Income Solutions
  • Estate Planning, Inheritance Tax and Trustee investments
  • Long Term Care Costs

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Taxation & Trust Advice.

How much does Financial Advice Cost?

Cost of Financial Advice - Thorburn Wealth

Click here to download a copy of our Client Proposition and Agreement document. This provides a detailed description of our services and how we may be remunerated.

The Financial Conduct Authority who regulate our affairs, like us include specimen charges so that you have an idea of the potential level of charges before contacting us. These are based on the most complex of situations.

We will be happy to provide you with a more comprehensive personal estimate, but first need to understand and discuss your requirements, as well as examining your existing arrangements.

Business Financial Planning

Our Business Financial Planning service provides Sole Traders and business owners with practical advice and solutions relevant to their status as business owners rather than individuals. These will help them to meet their financial objectives. Some of the key areas we advise on are listed below. Of course, in addition to this we would be happy to discuss your own personal situation and goals with you also.

Business Financial Planning Advice - We will offer advice in the following areas:

  • Business & Corporate Protection
  • Savings & Investment Planning Advice for Business & Corporate clients
  • Retirement & Succession Planning Advice for Business & Corporate clients
  • Employee Benefit Packages & Employee Pensions


If Thorburn Wealth Management Limited seem like the type of Independent Financial Advisers you are looking for then please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting to discuss matters.

This can be done digitally or person to person at your convenience.

Thorburn Wealth Management Limited is located in East Central Scotland and has existing clients across the length and breadth of Scotland and Northern England.