What Is Financial Planning?

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As in any journey, the route from your starting point to your destination requires planning.

In essence your financial plan is a detailed 'roadmap’ showing your route to financial happiness and security.

In order to succeed, your financial plan must be comprehensive, showing your current financial situation and your future financial goals. You may already have some strategies in mind, and these will be fully discussed and developed when we meet.

Good financial planning needs to take into account details about your income and expenditure, your assets, savings, liabilities, pensions, current investments and any insurances you may already have.

Financial planning is an ongoing process and lasts beyond your lifetime

At Thorburn Wealth Management Limited we understand all the aspects of financial planning and know that it is an ongoing process. A process that will help reduce any anxiety or stress you have about your future finances, whilst taking account of your current needs.

The aim is of course to help you build up that 'nest egg' so that your long-term goals can be met. These may include a comfortable retirement, provision for long term care and also the ability to pass on some wealth to the next generation if this is desirable or a requirement.

Financial Planning is Not Just for The Rich

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It is a common misconception that financial planning is solely for the wealthy.

This is totally wrong. Everyone needs a roadmap showing the way to their financial future. The reason for this is simple.

You need to ensure that your life and income are protected, especially if you have dependents. You must also have some idea about how you are going to fund your retirement.

You will also have some future goals such as moving up the property ladder or helping to fund your children's wedding or to provide the deposit for their first house.

Unfortunately, none of this just happens and it is easy to squander money carelessly if it is not required for a certain purpose.

You could draw up a financial plan yourself, but the whole area is very complex, how do you address competing priorities?

Whilst important to you, your priority may not be the real priority amongst these competing claims.

You could well find yourself going down the wrong road with not enough time to get back on course.

You need advice from an expert who has shown many others the route to future financial security.

Informed Financial Planning

We know that we can help you create the perfect Financial Plan and would love to be able to discuss your situation and personal long-term financial goals.

Contact us today and let us help you on your journey to financial wealth and wellbeing.